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    Why lease?

    Leasing has been a more preferred option over purchasing a vehicle over the last few years. The ever-increasing launch of new brands, models, features, and variants make decision making a lot more complicated for the users. Personal Car Leasing gives users the flexibility of choosing the car of their choice for a fraction of the price over a fixed rate and time period, leaving the user hassle-free of registrations, documentations, service and/or maintenance costs.

    What do we do?

    At Alras Car Rental, we provide our users with short- and long-term leases for their personal use and undertake all the services and procedures in maintaining a car like vehicle repair expenses, accident repair costs, cost of downtime of the vehicle, risk of resale, etc.

    We offer a comprehensive range of fleets, from economical to luxury vehicles at a fixed price, during the leasing period while we take care of everything to ensure you a pleasant journey.

    Benefits of Leasing

    • Wide range of brand new/existing vehicles to choose from
    • Flexible payment plans with minimal paperwork
      Hassle-free maintenance and repair
    • Replacement vehicle in the event of maintenance or accident
    • 24/7 road assistance
      Valid insurance
    • Registration renewal
      Darb, Salik and Traffic fine management
    • No risk of resale value dip or increased maintenance expenses
    • Cost effective rates that help you save money
      Multi driver possibility
      Leasing tailored to your needs
    • Select your mileage
      Choice of replacing vehicles at the end of the contract
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