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Terms and conditions.

The Company: means AL Ras Car & Bus Rental L.L.C.

The Hirer: is the person, company or authority that rented the vehicle or motor from Al Ras Vehicle or Sub rented under Al Ras Rent A car.

The Currency: should be in United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) and Payment Must be in Electronic card (Credit card/debit card) or Paid via Payment Link ,     

The Hirer: must be minimum 25 years old with driving license not less than 12 months old from the issued date.

Driving License: UAE residences are required to hold a valid UAE driving License, Visitors should hold a valid national and international driving license from their country of origin.

Documents: The Hirer must provide valid documentations as required by company representative and the Local Authority.

Guarantee/Security: Original Passport or cash deposit  is required as security which will be returned / refunded after minimum 15 days from the date of the Vehicle returned and settled total amount due including breach (s), Salik and Darb (toll Gates)  fine occurred during hirer contract period.  However Government employees (Police & Military Army ) and Semi-government institutions such as Medical Doctors, Nurses, School Teachers,  Are Not Required to place Deposit , Only Rental payment is Required in Advance

Vehicle Situation/Condition:

  • The Hirer has received the Vehicle in order and good condition, and has to check and ensure sufficient fuel, water and lubricant in the Vehicle at all the time.
  • The Hirer should return the Vehicle, together with all kinds of tools, Vehicle documents, accessories, spares wheel and equipment to the Vehicle.
  • The Vehicle shall not be operated:
  1. To transport goods in violation of customs and Police regulations or in any other illegal manner including but not limited to Live Animal, Birds, perishable or smelling items.
  2. To propel to tow any Vehicle without the consent of company.
  3. To motor sport events (including racing, pace making, rallying, reliability trials and speed testing).
  4. By any person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Outside of the United Arab Emirates.
  • The hirer is not allowed to re-rent or to allow a third party to drive the Vehicle, should other person drive or use the car or re rented, the hirer will bear the cost AED 25/day calculated from the day of the contract signed. It is considered the co-driver (second driver) has been used with the hirer from the day of the contract.
  • The maximum KM per day is 250 km, and per month is 5000 km, unless otherwise agreed under this bracket (    Km/ Day) an excess mileage of any of the categories above will charge AED 0 0.50 per km based on the vehicle value.
  • Toll gate (Salik) Fee AED 5.00 fee will be charged each time the Vehicle passes through the Salik toll gate in Dubai or any other similar UAE chargeable locations.
  • The hirer will pay AED 40.00 for each fine(s)or breach plus additional AED 100.00 should the Fine(s) containing black point to cover administration cost.
  • All our Vehicles are delivered with the full tank of fuel. Refueling charges are applied in case cars are returned without a full tank. Unless noted a fuel level in this Contract.
  • The hirer shall always lock the vehicle when he/she parked or not driving.
  • The hirer received the vehicle clean and comfortable to his/her satisfaction and should return as it was; failing to do so will cause AED 35.00 fee to cover vehicle washing.
  • The hirer has received the Vehicle Seat Cover (upholstery) clean and comfort; if he/she damage or makes a dirty the hirer will pay minimum AED 400.00 to AED 950.00.
  • Only the hirer or an approved second driver in this contract is allowed to drive the Vehicle.
  • If the hirer is refused or ignored to return the car for payment or service, Alras car and bus rental has the Rights to stop the car via GPRS.

Vehicle Service

Normally the Vehicle Engine oil is being changed via agent or Adnoc Service stations by our Staff, as sticker indicated date and next due Oil change mileage are placed on the Driver’s door locker stream or driver’s left hand top front wind shield, hirer has agreed to return it when oil change mileage is due for service, we allowing 100km plus or minus, should the hirer ignored/refused  to return or inform as in written than he/she will pay AED 0.35.00 (35fils) every extra KM that vehicle has travelled.

Payment Terms:

  • The Payment is in advance as laid in rental schedule/agreement unless both parties have agreed in different terms in writing if the contract is prematurely terminated for whatever the reason is, the hirer required to pay the company the applicable tariff rate for entire period of use including previous balance as applicable.
  • The hirer has to provide an extra deposit in case of extension of the contract and the same will be considered as notifications for the extension.
  • In case of Payment delay a penalty 15% per month will be charged on overdue balance until payment in full is settled, even if legal case against the hire has being opened or executed or sentenced to prison. The Company reserves the rights to Stop, Lock, Retain, or take over the Vehicle from the Hirer at any time should disputed over the contract due to payment, Miss use or even Breaching the UAE Traffic low. the Hirer is accepted not leave any personal belongs at any time as the Company is not responsible any Loss/Damage
  • The rental period is 24 hours. (one day) any extra hours are charged at rate calculated as per Daily rate divided by 24 hours multiply by 3(daily rate/24X3).
  • if you paid in Online alras has a Right to Auto Debit from your Cridit Card 

Accident Terms:

In the event of an accident, you must notify the police immediately. You should not move the vehicle until the police issue a report and relevant instructions. Failure to submit a police report to the company, you will render liable for all cost incurred as a result of the accident. Hirer can waive accident responsibility by purchasing the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and obtain approval.

To comply the UAE Traffic & Insurance regulations the following procedures must be followed in the event of an accident or damage:

  • Obtaining names and addresses of parties involved the accident and of witness.
  • Inform the company through telephone, SMS or written notes in case of damage, or break down.

Insurance and Traffic Violations:

  • In case of Accident:
  • If the hirer causes the accident to others on his/her fault will be liable AED 1000 as Excess cost of insurance, 10% of repair cost and will be bear the rent of the vehicle until repair and legal cases are completely settled the case and is closed by the company personnel.
  • If the accident caused by second party or by others and not his/her fault than the hirer will bear the rent of the Vehicle until repair and legal cases are completed and closed.
  • If accident or damage occurs without the second party availability (unknown accident) hirer will be liable for all cost of repair, police report document and excess cost of AED 2,000 plus cost of rent of the Vehicle until repair and legal cases are completed and close the contract.
  • The hirer has to submit the Vehicle to insurance for Repair/Claim and open claim file and resubmit after repair. Or otherwise management fee of AED 100 will be charged.
  • The hirer is liable to pay all fines and court case (s) cost of Parking Traffic or other violations such as cost of parking, traffic offense etc. assessed against the Vehicle rent period.
  • If the vehicle is impounded by local authorities, due to traffic violations the hirer is liable to pay the rental charges until the Vehicle is released, and/or third party claims and any Vehicle repairs are settled. Such offences include, for instance driving under the influencing of alcohol, hallucinating, drugs effecting his/her ability to control the vehicle, crossing red light, over speeding, unauthorized U-Turns and illegal Parking.
  • The hirer agreed to pay for all the traffic fines and parking tickets or any legal claims occurred during the period of rental or any claim(s) arise during or after the period of the claim.
  • The hirer shall not be liable for non-collision losses to the vehicle caused by perils normally protected against by a comprehensive accident damage insurance policy.
  • In case of failure to abide this contract, the company reserves the right to recover its Vehicle and charge hirer for any loss of income that may be occurred due to his failure to company with the terms and condition this contract.
  • The company has the right to claim the costs including reasonable legal fees were permitted by law collecting payments due from Hirer hereunder.
  • Please note that you are responsible for any damage or loss to the vehicle, whatever it may be caused, whilst it is on your rental period. If you find any problem or mechanical, electrical failure including but not limited to the over heat and engine noise body shaking lower speed please stop the vehicle and report immediately.
  • Any notice or communication to be given or made under this contract shall be delivered to the company in writing.
  • The company reserved the rights to withdraw or cancel the contract at any time without previous or further notice.
  • The Hirer has responsibility to pay or cover, if any short fall amount of money from the value of the Vehicle which insurance didn’t cover or deducted from the company.

Authorized Agreement:

That this Agreement by governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Any legal dispute occurred between the two parties will be settled through the Local – UAE Court.

The Hirer should agree and accept the Terms & Condition after read it.

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